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Hey there lovely bride-to-be! I’ve been in your shoes.Your evenings are spent obsessing over Pinterest images of invitations, cakes and color palettes. Your days are spent calling cake bakers, wedding venues and finding the right DJ. Who on earth has TIME for all of this?  And how can you make sure the day isn’t a mess of stress-but joyful, relaxing and the best day of your life (no rama, please)? And how can you make sure that after the cake is eaten, & the tearful vows are gone, you’ll remember ​ the ​feelings of the day? Lets face it. This isn’t an easy task. It’s easy to to tell a bridal party to jump. It’s easy to to tell a groom to kiss the bride. It’s easy to have a couple hold a sign with “Mr & Mrs” written on it. But no matter how Pinterest worthy these photos have become, they just don’t show the emotion of the day. Well, ok, a groomsmen knocking over a bridesmaid when told to “jump” will likely capture the snort-laughs of the bride. But where’s the love, ​ the passion,​ the affair of the heart in all of that?  I believe in focusing on the real emotion of the day.  Not making signs that say, “love,” but showing the love. The way your fiance looks at you as you walk away.  The look in his eye when he sees you walk down the aisle.  The single tear your Dad couldn’t hold back, no matter how hard he tried.  The belly-laughs you share with your brothers during formal photos. And it’s my job to not just capture those moments, But to make the situation prime for these moments, Then anticipate them, Capture them, And then show you these moments you didn’t see happening, because you were in them. It’s not a “photo-journalistic” style​ of photography. It’s awkward when a photographer gives you no direction and you have no idea if you are doing the right thing, and if you even look good. But it’s not a “posey-posey” style​ of photography. You want your day to be fun, and not feel like you’re an acrobat in a circus moving your neck this and that way and your leg in odd directions. It’s the place these two styles overlap and work together. A place where I can ensure you look your best with casual positioning, but where I guide you and your groom throughout the entire wedding to capture all of the emotions of the day. You’ll never awkwardly wonder if you’re doing things right and if you look good in a photo. This is how I ensure you look elegant & gorgeous, feel relaxed & at ease, & let the raw emotions shine through.  

Hi! I’m Kate Johnson


And what you just read is my style. If you want a photographer who will copy your pin board from Pinterest, I’m not the photographer for you.  If you want a zillion formal photos with hundred of combinations of family photos, and hours photographing your bridal party, then I’m not the photographer for you. But if you want a photographer who will photograph you based on who you are (not on what Pinterest tells you to be), and if you believe in the importance of family & bridal party photos, and understand the day is about the joy everyone being together (not getting your photo taken), then I am the photographer for you. I know what’s going to be important to you years after the wedding. Because I have been married for 11 years. Sure, the formals of my husband and me in the cool yellow field are neat. But do you know which ones are my favorite? The un-staged moments.

1. My husband and I dancing in the middle of Main Street, my foreheadunder his chin, our eyes closed.
*(at right – sneaking up on the bride & groom sharing an intimate talk)
This was not our first dance.
What you probably don’t know, is a lot of people are shy during their first dance, because their
are hundreds of eyes on them!
It’s hard to be truly in the moment when you feel there is an audience.
That’s why I work hard to follow the emotion.
Follow the bride and groom when they go off by themselves, like this un-staged photo of a bride
and groom who snuck off into the grass during the reception.


2. My husband teary-eyed as I walked down the aisle.
*(at right – a wedding I photographed with the groom gleeming)
It is rare to see him cry.
As it is with most men.
And honestly?
I was sort of freaking out that everyone was looking at me as I walked down the aisle.
I didn’t even notice his emotion-filled face.

3. The photos of my parents dancing.
*(at right – mother of the groom dancing with the groom)
My parents. DANCING! I didn’t even think they danced.
Yet there they were, dancing romantically like they were just married, and then they were Disco dancing down a line!
These are moments I will always keep close as my parents age, as I age, and my own kids will
enjoy seeing. If these are the moments that are the most important to you, then drop me a line.

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