Brandon and Kashann

Brandon and Kashann

I met Brandon and Kashann at the Tacoma Bridal show. They both are the most genuine individuals I have ever met. Funny backstory not only did they hire me because they love my style but Kashann insisted on me being the photographer because I am one of the very few women that is taller than her. HA! The joys of being 6 feet tall. ¬†One of the many things I love about this couple is their love for each other. Even the way they look at each other you know they are soul mates! Kashann put so many personal touches through out her wedding. And the venue…ooohhh the venue. If you are really looking for a fairy tell wedding then you have to go to Thornewood Castle! From the outdoor gardens, ornate ballroom and the hidden bathrooms. You really could not beat Thornewood Castle! And it really fits Brandon and Kashann personality with their matching King and Queen tattoos. Another thing about Kashann is that she is an amazing rapper too! It was such a thrill to listen to her rap at her top song “Pocahontas” at the reception. Another added bonus was finding out that The Huffington Post loved Brandon and Kashann’s wedding so much they wanted to publish the wedding. It truly was an honor to be published in the Huffington Post. Want to see? Check out number 3 on their list! Click here!

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